if you call yourself a “gamer,” try loving yourself better and don’t

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what about league of legends

Uninstall your games






Drinks served at the PAX party for Khans of Tarkir. Still in your favorite clan?

Let’s get down to business.

I think we need official booze for every set


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I was tagged by teysakarlov to do this cool questionnaire so here goes:

  1. Welcome to your quest! State your fantasy class, fantasy race, weapon/tool of choice, and alignment. (sci-fi is also fine):

    Class: Warlock (fey pact); Race: Tiefling; Weapon of choice: Whip; Alignment: Chaotic Good

  2. There is great treasure hidden in the bowels of the mountains to the west. What treasure is so great that you would go on a quest like this to find it?

    An ancient seelie artifact of unknown purpose lost in the mortal realm.

  3. What animal/artifact construct is your familiar? 

    A faerie dragon by the name of Raicleach.

  4. Along the road, you find a dwarf gravely injured by the side of the road. He asks for your aid. It has been 3 days since you last replenished your supplies at a town, and because you had some trouble with the map, you’re not sure if you’ll encounter the next village in an hour or a day. Do you trust him? Will you help him?

    I would make an effort to tend to his wounds but this question depends on the size of my party. Raicleach and I alone would not be able to aid the dwarf very far :(

  5. Mage fight! As soon as you reach the edge of the forest a pyromaster jumps out from behind a tree, taking you by surprise. How long does it take you to gather your wits about you? How do you defend yourself?

    I use my skill of Misty Step to transform into mist, dodging the pyromaster’s attack and reforming behind him.

  6. What do you order at the tavern once you arrive at the village?

    A small mead for myself and a saucer of fire whiskey for Raicleach.

  7. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

    Eat a selection of berries and nuts from my satchel, possibly hunt some wild game in the area.

  8. You’ve finally reached the mountains! The entrance of the dungeon yawns open before you. A terrible, stale smell and the groans of the damned emanate from the mouth of the cavern. How do you make your entrance? 

    With a quick detect magic spell then cover my nose.

  9. This is it! You’ve reached the ninth layer of skeleton hell and it’s time for a boss fight! What’s your theme music? 

    The music from the final battle with Ganondorf from Windwaker.

  10. Somehow you have vanquished your foe and gained your treasure. Come up with 3 mundane skills to put your experience points into. (as in, they can’t be practical RPG things they have to be things like “pancake making skill” or “housecleaning” or “ability to fix the router.”)

    Hair braiding, interior design, mixology.
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This guy in my neuropharm class is related to Sarah Paulson?? Ok??

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AU where no one gets eaten


AU where no one gets eaten


what is a bara?




my anaconda don’t want any ‘less you got buns, henny